Whether you’re buying a one bedroom apartment in Zagreb or a luxury villa on the Dalmatian Coast, we will secure a property in Croatia that suits your needs and budget.




With almost a decade of experience in residential and commercial property sales, Matija Rimac is a highly credentialed agent and broker you want on your side when dealing with real estate property in Croatia.


Discovered Croatia's full potential

Croatia remains under the radar regarding profitable investments because only some have discovered this beautiful country’s full potential.

With its driven workforce, valuable geographical location, high quality of life and status as an EU country, Croatia is a worthy place to invest in real estate.



"Matija will work well with you to make your dream home a reality. My husband and I were looking for a vacation home in Dubrovnik Ragusa. But we couldn't find anything that matched our needs. There are so many luxury villas in Croatia, so we needed an honest and professional opinion. Matija's confidence in the market and favorable approach made it clear that he cared about finding us the perfect home for retiring in Croatia. Thank you Rimac Real Estate! Now, we have a beautiful property to spend quality time with our children and grandchildren during the holidays."
by Marija Juric
"Finding a holiday home isn't easy because there are many things to consider. From legal matters to language barriers, things can get complicated. Honestly, I wasn't sure in which city I wanted an apartment. I just knew I wanted a place on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. Matija reviewed my budget and interests and found me an ideal 2-bedroom apartment in Split. Hopefully, I can buy another property in Croatia soon. And for my next purchase, without a doubt, I'll be going back to Matija!"
by Wyatt Lewis
"In 2020, I relocated from the States to Zagreb for work. Moving to a new country with my family during a pandemic was not the most reasonable decision. However, I had to make this sacrifice for my career. Matija's support and assistance were astonishing. Considering we were across the world and in a different timezone, I had little hope of finding suitable accommodation. But he organized video calls multiple times a week to showcase a variety of apartments in Zagreb for sale. We moved to the VMD District in Zagreb 2 months later and are happily living in Croatia. Thank you, Matija!"
by Jason Brown

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